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Three Men in a Boat Chapter 2 Summary

The pros and cons of camping are discussed by the three, and more is told about the author’s dog, Montmorency, who is to accompany them on this trip.

The three friends studied maps to plan their trip and decided to set out on their holiday the following Saturday. The author and Harris would take the boat from Kingston to Chertsey, where George, who worked in a bank, would meet them in the afternoon. They then discussed the relative benefits of camping out versus sleeping at inns. Just as the author painted an ideal picture of camping out, Harris interrupted him by asking what they would do if it rained. This led the author to paint a picture of the miseries of camping out in the rain, from the difficulties of setting up a tent in the rain, to having rain soak into all the camping supplies.

It was finally decided that they would camp out on fine nights and sleep in inns or hotels on rainy nights. Montmorency, the dog seemed to be pleased with this arrangement as well. Montmorency was a small fox terrier. When the author had first found the dog, he did not think it would survive long. However, the dog proved the author wrong and turned out to be an adventurous and lively creature, shoehorning himself into hustle and bustle.

Once the matter of camping was decided upon, the three began to argue about the things to be taken along on the trip. However, Harris suggested that they should discuss it the next day and all three went out for a drink.

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